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Welcome to my blog The Quill, I’m Giselle, the creator, and my simple mission is to share the stories I have while learning about the stories others have to share as well. Glad you stopped by! My main goal is to have this be an inclusive place for people of all kinds to share what they want and to build a community that supports. I hope to build a strong team of writers and help take on today’s issues, one perspective at a time. Take on unusual and taboo topics and well— talk about them, and create a platform for all artists, writers, content creators and whoever else, to just be able to say their piece. If that sounds like your kind of party, welcome and I hope you enjoy The Quill.


A little about me…

I’m from the small town of Woodinville, Washington, and it’s not a place I will ever forget. It’s all I ever knew before I moved to the sunny San Diego. The cold clammy nights and the downpours were all I ever knew. But when I moved to California, I consider myself from two places. Seattle and San Diego, which took a big part in shaping who I am today.

I am currently pursuing a Software Engineering degree, as that technology is one of my many passions and something I hope to build into a long-lasting career. So if you like video games, robots, coding, laptops or anything of that sort, I’m your gal.

I’m from a very mixed background that not everyone can pinpoint at first. I speak both Spanish and Portuguese thanks to my very Portuguese mother, and a Spanish father. Yes, to answer your question I am still very much African American because my European sounding parents are very African as well. So that makes THE definition of African American.

Overall, if you are down here reading this that means you stuck around, so please enjoy the rest of my site. If you want to join our team of writers or simply want to be a part head over to the contact page and we’ll get back to you! Thanks for stopping by!




Featured writer

Hey, I’m Amara, and not at all an interesting person, at least in my opinion. Pottery and writing are the only art forms I rule at, so catch me doing that 24/7. Fangirling is a profession, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ve finally made my Tumblr somewhat relevant so life is going great at the moment. We stan talent here, so of course I’m a big BTS fan, all about watching these awesome guys succeed and get everything they deserve.I have five siblings and three other fully grown children I have to keep my eye on, being squad mom is something to be proud of.


If I didn’t get into writing, I’d probably be attempting my hand at baking school? If you want a recipe for slutty s’more brownies, I got you. My french toast is the best too, not gonna lie. If you’ve ever seen me carrying around a large ass bag for no reason, it probably had cookies in it. Giving people cookies is a weird stress reliever, but I dig it.


My writing style isn’t conventional at all, I can’t dial down my emotion when I write things, which is very inconvenient when I have to write a research paper. I pretty much just type as I think, let the words do their thing before I go back and edit them and try to make sense of whatever the hell I just said. I don’t want to hold back when I write, it’s just fun to get out whatever I’m thinking. Why do I sound much cooler when I type though? I have a lot of petty energy I don’t know what do do with, so I’m just throwing them in this blog. Words don’t have any power unless you give it to them, I want to write to make people feel something.


Even though I like writing a lot, I’m going to school to become an editor because my story building is way too childish and I suck ass at descriptions. Lowkey just practice writing with fanfiction, which I’m actually hella bomb at. Although I’ve met girls that could literally slam some current authors, remind me why no one is paying them?